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Their despair is perhaps not surprising, for, as the Mail can reveal today, Bolton has been married not twice, as has previously been claimed, but THREE times. Bolton met her while serving in the Army in Germany.

Their daughter, Hazel-Louisa, was born in Denmark in 1985.

Or, more accurately, first, a younger male friend commandeered my Tinder account (he agreed with my therapist wholeheartedly) and then I changed it still more, because dating, like life, is something of a group effort sometimes.

It took a week and a few glasses of wine but I did it.

I cried a little, I wrote it out, I sent some hardcore telling-it-like-it-is texts before I stopped texting entirely, and I shook my fist at the sky and vowed revenge.

Then I did what many of us do in these times of need. Tinder, the dating app, was where I’d met my ex, and my ex before that, too. Just spend a little more time on the old app — — and, poof, another guy to date. Write that on your profile.” “Oh, I don’t know,” I said.

But, oh, what a difference a few months can make in British politics.

This week, amid revelations of Bolton’s burgeoning relationship with a 25-year-old bottle blonde who refers to herself as the ‘Bad Girl of Brexit’, even his closest allies were left shaking their heads in despair at the prospect of yet another scandal rocking the party.

The caption read: ‘Fantastic Xmas dinner with our leader Henry Bolton.’While Bolton has been less than eager to speak about the relationship, outspoken Miss Marney declared: ‘He was in an unhappy marriage and was estranged from his wife.

I say ‘relationship’, because Bolton says that what he has been doing with Jo Marney — who describes herself with varying degrees of accuracy as ‘presenter, music journalist, model, actor and Brexiteer’ — is not an affair.

He insists there is ‘nothing clandestine’ about his romance with Miss Marney, and sources close to Mr Bolton have insisted the relationship did not begin until after his split from his wife, Tatiana Smurova-Bolton, 42.‘My wife is fully aware of what’s been going on and has been abroad since July,’ he said. ‘All I can say at the moment is that the reports that have emerged are inaccurate.

But what she didn’t expect was for him to become her dating coach. You reel them in with jokes and then…” He continued to stare at me blankly. And if someone didn’t get that, that was OK with me. “You have to tell me about all the messages that come in,” said my friend, pleased with our work. She is also the author of Save the Date, a memoir about what she learned about relationships, friendship, marriage, love and herself after attending 17 weddings.

Here, she shares his piece of life-changing advice… It was unexpected, right before we were supposed to take a romantic trip together. like that,” I explained, and my therapist looked at me, confused. “You’re going to get a lot.” Like clockwork, there it was.

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