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You're not running for prom queen and if you come off as too perfect, you'll likely be resented by the whole lot. Even if asked, answer diplomatically and choose your words carefully, kind of like you're being interviewed for a job.Know going in that kids break arms, run away, get in trouble at school and moms have personal emergencies that require dads to step in at a moment's notice, so that gourmet dinner you slaved over may become leftovers.This is tricky territory and you'll sometimes have to walk a tightrope to avoid conflict but it's essential for you to know his true priorities before things get really serious. Your work and personal schedules are as important as his, even if you don't have children, but being flexible when you can will earn you Brownie points.Offer to plan weekly/monthly events on a shareable app or just an old-fashioned calendar to coordinate school events, parent-teacher meetings, family social events, business meetings and trips, etc. It's not easy being the second (or even third or fourth) serious love interest and potential stepmom.If necessary, excuse yourself to the bathroom and do some deep breathing exercises to remain composed.

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Engage in board games, see movies and read books and articles that naturally elicit responses that give you insight into the man as a whole.

Even if you're a child psychologist or full-time nanny, bite your tongue because you're bound to say something wrong.

If his ex has to be there for the crisis, be compassionate and understanding.

From his kids and spouse to his former in-laws (think Grandma), smile and be friendly and sincere but don't oversell yourself.

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