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Do you know if Danielle and Vicky both have vision insurance?I dont't know how much insurance pays for glasses in the UK but in the US it pays about half or more and in some cases the full price.But you have probably just gotten in the habit of putting your glasses on as soon as you get out of bed.I'm sure that you're looking forward to helping Danielle and I assume Vicky as well check out frames for their new glasses.

Besides hoping that she needs a stronger prescription i'm sure she is probably looking forward to getting new glasses anyway.

Regarding you saying that you get higher contrast without the 1.50 glasses, in my opinion this sounds like the 1.50 is too strong, and you are possibly finding it easier to see not because it is clearer and sharper, but because it is magnified and therefore larger.

I don't know because I can't see what you see, but since you were prescribed around 0.75 stronger for reading at your last eye appointment, I imagine that 1.50 is probably technically too strong. Regarding you finding it hard to know what an under correction or too little plus is like, as nobody can see through anyone else's eyes, this is a difficult concept.

Her and Vicky are getting their eyes tested next month.

Carrie , Vicky and Danielle stayed over last night.

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