Accommodating various learning styles

Those who oppose the use of Learning Styles put forward a number of objections.

Many of these are in fact criticisms of the way that Learning Styles are misused rather than a criticism of the concept itself.

roponents of Learning Styles maintain that adapting classroom teaching methods to suit students preferred style of learning improves the educative process.

However, opponents of Learning Styles theories maintain that there is little empirical evidence to support this proposition.) concluded that an adequate evaluation of the Learning Styles hypothesis requires a particular kind of study.

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Peter Honey and Alan Mumford suggest that we might usefully consider 4 basic learning styles: Activist - Pragmatist - Theorist - Reflector.These are assimilated and distilled into abstract concepts which can be actively tested, in turn creating new learning experiences.Individual learners will demonstrate differences in the way they think about things and the way they do things.Similar to the VAK model, it acknowledges that learners differ in their preferred perception processes, but also takes account of their levels of motivation and sense of responsibility.The model is not widely known in the UK but Professors Ken and Rita Dunn (St Johns University, New York) maintain that it is the result of extensive field work and painstaking research.

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