Accuracy of ultrasounds for dating Video online sexy dance mobile

Normally the amount of fluid is small, producing a thin NT measurement.

We know that the amount of fluid can increase in the presence of certain conditions, producing a thicker NT measurement.

It was a boy though:) I have three boys now and all the ultra sound techs have told me its easiest to see a boy.

Many times ultra sound techs can't tell you what your having because the way the baby is positioned, I've been told those turn out to be girls more often. It all depends on what sex the baby is and how he or she is laying at the time.

I just wanted you to know what my tech said..are different! At first I was thinking a boy, but now I'm leaning more towards girl.

To me, with my m/c history, it doesn't matter, I just want one that's healthy!!!

My fiancee really wants a boy, but I just want a healthy baby!

She said she's known some to tell at 12w, but she said it's just too early to say with any finality that that's what you're having. What I said before was that my tech told me when we went in for the dating ultrasound, that techs won't usually tell until the 20 week ultrasound. told me that wouldn't it be terrible if they told you one thing, and you come to find out later, it's a different one? Good luck at your appointment I had a friend who was told she was having a girl at something like 16 weeks and at the next u/s they found a penis! Of course, she loves the boys just the same but I would be so frustrated if I was told one thing and then another later. My sister-in-law said she knew all along she was having a boy with her first.

But, I'm sure there are people out there that found out before 20 weeks! She said some will tell as early as 12 weeks, but there is too much uncertainty with that that she doesn't reccommend it. Now, she went to Target to do some shopping since she's pregnant again, and she said she only looked at girl clothes!

Conditions associated with an increased NT measurement include some chromosome abnormalities (for example, trisomy 13, 18 and 21) and some structural problems (for example, heart abnormalities).

An increased NT measurement does not always mean the baby has a problem but it does increase the risk.

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