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Southport lies on the Irish Sea coast and is fringed to the north by the Ribble estuary.

The town is 16.7 miles (26.9 km) north of Liverpool and 14.8 miles (23.8 km) southwest of Preston.

Local fauna include the Natterjack toad and the Sand lizard.

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Roman coins have been found at Halsall Moss and Crossens, although the Romans never settled southwest Lancashire.Other seaside bathing areas couldn't really get going until the railways were built some years later.The Leeds and Liverpool canal brought people from Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton and Wigan amongst others.Historically part of Lancashire, the town was founded in 1792 when William Sutton, an innkeeper from Churchtown, built a bathing house at what is now the south end of Lord Street.At that time, the area, known as South Hawes, was sparsely populated and dominated by sand dunes.

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