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I prayed and attended church with my girlfriends because I knew these ladies would be there at the end of the day.As Jordan and I grew more intimate in our relationship and shared our intentions of marrying each other one day, things did change It’s important for each of us to always seek God’s will for our lives. Until I am engaged, I won’t make my plans the same as Jordan’s.I am not an expert but I can always promise that I am going to be real with you about what I feel I have learned over the past couple years. Before we even make it to the restaurant Jordan says to me, “I wanted to ask you on a date because I could see you as my wife.” To be honest, I didn’t freak out or anything.In fact, I respected his courage and appreciated him telling me his intentions but I was a senior in college nearing graduation and had no intentions of marrying this rando.I wanted to try and break down what I believe to be both practical and applicable.Now, I want you all to know that I am speaking very authentically here. On my first date with Jordan (aka some rando guy I had never met before), he picks me up.

Falling in love with Jordan was pretty easy because I knew where he stood.

I didn’t plan my life around him but around what I knew God had for me at that moment in my life.

Codependency is real and there are so many ways we can protect ourselves from this.

I am sure there are a lot of Christians out there that don’t live a life of obedience or a life like God has called us to live. The Bible is pretty clear when it comes to this topic.

Instead, I ask myself, is this man chasing after God faster than he is chasing after anything else? This isn’t to say that unbelievers can’t be good people and of course, you never know what plans God has for their lives, but I am saying I’d discourage you from dating someone who isn’t on the same spiritual foundation as you.

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