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After that, she moved to Cordova with her late husband, Kevin Holmes, who died while fishing in 1989.There, she started a gym, waited tables and ran her communications business writing business plans and grant proposals for local nonprofits.Yet it was from that mountainside Alaska town -- where Franklin had long lived -- that Lucasfilm snatched her up.The jump from Cordova to work for "Star Wars" creator George Lucas in San Francisco seems improbable.Sex Offender Search is a service provided free of charge to help you search for and find sexual predators in your area, locate sex offenders maps and sex offender registries in the United States.

She was living in the Prince William Sound town in the mid-1990s when she helped build an online grass-roots fan club.Most of the animals appear to be from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs whereas the action of the animals interacting with clothing comes from Sleeping Beauty.Some animated shows give reference to Disney movies, for example in Shrek with Fiona singing.Her friends say she was hardworking and disciplined -- and crazy about "Star Wars." "You start organizing massive amounts of people, and the people profiting from it will notice," said Michelle Hahn O'Leary.The geekdom paid off -- for both sides -- after Lucasfilm hired Franklin in 2001 to help organize Celebration and build the fan club.

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