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The fire commissioner reprimanded Slivinski May 3 and gave him back his job.

But Slivinski never believed the incident was fully behind him.

7, with proceeds funding the Widows Fund of the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 22.

“We’re going to support my son,” Gerry Slivinski, 56, said Tuesday in an interview from her Philadelphia home.

Special Marine Corps training in nuclear, biological and chemical weapons made it possible for him to take over his father’s spot in the Rescue 1 squad in 2005.

He also pursued his love of cooking, working part-time as a sous-chef at Apollinaire, an Italian restaurant in Philadelphia. Slivinski prided himself on being in top physical shape.

She thought his mood sagged further on the antidepressants, so she gave him pep talks as the calendar project progressed.

He was excited in a conversation the day before his death, when he offered “to roll 1,000 meatballs to honor the widows and feed them” at a celebratory dinner. Even now, her satisfaction at seeing the calendar finished is tempered by “a lot of grief.

and Gerry Slivinski, are struggling to find meaning in his death. had his share of troubles, including a separation from his wife, although he had hoped for reconciliation.

More than 1,000 people came to the memorial service honoring the former altar boy.

After high school, Slivinski spent four years with the Marines, then joined his father in the fire department.

They knew he was unhappy; he’d recently begun taking antidepressants.

He might have experienced residual sadness from the death of Lt.

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