Ancient coptic manuscript dating from

The headlines and articles tell us it is ‘ancient’ and it is at that, but is it close to the time of Jesus?The articles themselves report the date of the fragment as 4th century, putting it about 300 years after the death of Jesus.Why is it even making any news, let alone world headlines?

This is not an event that has any influence on Catholic doctrine,” he said.And they are not found today on one business card fragment.I have a reference the size of an encyclopedia book that contains the transcripts of the 300 years after the fact!And it leaves you with the impression that it is more ‘progressive’ and ‘educated’ to have this doubt whereas it is ‘doctrine’ and ‘tradition’ that keeps the ‘credulous’ within the oppressive shackles of ‘church orthodoxy’.Then there was the ” – a self-proclaimed work of investigative journalism – that concluded that Jesus went off to France with Mary Magdalene and sired a ‘secret’ bloodline there.

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