Android call log not updating

It is an Android model sgh-I257M Android version 4.4.2. Does not show all missed calls or store any of the daily calls. Also, apps like CCleaner or Clean Master will delete old logs if you select the option. This issue is usually caused by a Samsung Galaxy S4's user's decision to upgrade to Lollipop.

Then go into the Phone app settings and see if she configured it to not save logs.

You should notice that it will update to reflect the current date if you: receive a new call on the new day, switch between all/missed calls, search the history and clear, etc.

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I just checked if I still had X-Lite installed, and yes, it show the exact same bug.Recently I upgraded my Moto g(Second gen) to android marshmallow. But after that my Contacts app is not displaying any contacts and call logs. I tried installing other apps like contacts , true dialler etc. After a restart of Bria everything works as expected again. My suspicion is that at application start some variable is set to the current date.Calls from the day that I changed my computer's date to appear as 'Today'. If the call date matches that variable, it is displayed as 'Today'.

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