Android rss feeds not updating

Marshmallow is our favourite version of Android yet.

It’s a slick looking update that improves battery, increases internal storage and tidies up further the once ugly operating system.

Which means the Google Pixel was never going to win this won, but that doesn’t mean it’s ugly. The body is made from metal and glass, and the bezels are about as big as any other phone from last year. Perhaps the biggest difference between the S8 and the Pixel, or at least the most notable, is the display.

It’s clear that both the entry-level i Pad and the i Phone 7 Plus (and phablets in general) have become more popular than the i Pad mini.

So Apple is just going to get rid of the i Pad mini.

Then you have the HTC One M9 , HTC One E9 , HTC One E9, HTC One ME, HTC One E8, HTC One M8 Eye, and a trio of Desires to follow.

If you want an HTC toting Marshmallow right away, the brand has the A9 – which is basically an i Phone 6S clone running Android 6.0.

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