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It is 11 kilometres (7 miles) from Nafplion, which was its historic harbour.A settlement of great antiquity, Argos has been continuously inhabited as at least a substantial village for the past 7,000 years.).However, this term is also used to refer to those ancient Greeks generally who assaulted the city of Troy during the Trojan War; the term is more widely applied by the Homeric bards.Numerous ancient monuments can be found in the city today. The name of the city is very ancient and several etymological theories have been proposed as an explanation to its meaning.Argos was a major stronghold of Mycenaean times, and along with the neighbouring acropolis of Mycenae and Tiryns became a very early settlement because of its commanding positions in the midst of the fertile plain of Argolis.Argos experienced its greatest period of expansion and power under the energetic 7th century BC ruler King Pheidon.According to Strabo, the name could have even originated from the word "αγρός" (=field) by antimetathesis of the consonants.Argos is traditionally considered to be the origins of the ancient Macedonian royal Greek house of the Argead dynasty (Greek: Ἀργεάδαι, Argeádai).

Since that time, Argos has been continually inhabited at the same geographical location.So many Argives were killed in the battle that a revolution ensued, in which previously disenfranchised outsiders were included in the state for the first time.Argive democracy included an Assembly (called the aliaia), a Council (the bola), and another body called 'The Eighty,' whose precise responsibilities are obscure.Under Pheidon, Argos regained sway over the cities of the Argolid and challenged Sparta’s dominance of the Peloponnese.During this time of its greatest power, the city boasted a pottery and bronze sculpturing school, pottery workshops, tanneries and clothes producers.

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