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Magistrates served six-month terms of office, with few exceptions, and were audited at the end of their terms.There is some evidence that ostracism was practiced.The city is located at a rather propitious area, among Nemea, Corinth and Arcadia.It also benefitted from its proximity to lake Lerna, which, at the time, was at a distance of one kilometre from the south end of Argos.The most celebrated members were Philip II of Macedon and Alexander the Great.

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The Greek mahala was also called the "quarter of the unfaithful of Archos town" in Turkish documents, whereas Liepur mahala (the quarter of the Rabbits) was composed mostly of Albanian emigrants and well-reputed families.

As far as Karamoutza mahala is concerned, it was home to the most prominent Turks and boasted a mosque (modern-day church of Agios Konstadinos), a Turkish cemetery, Ali Nakin Bei's serail, Turkish baths and a Turkish school.

It is also at this period when the open market of the city is first organised on the site north to Kapodistrias' barracks, at the same spot where it is held in modern times.

Under Roman rule, Argos was part of the province of Achaea.

Under Byzantine rule it was part of the theme of Hellas, and later of the theme of the Peloponnese.

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