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And in early Jewish culture, the parents always arranged marriages.

The parents would pick a wife for their son, sometimes even at five years old.

It’s created a negative perception in people’s minds, we all want happiness at the end of the day so be it arranged or from an individual’s personal choice it really and truly makes no difference.

“If the man or woman can wake up every morning knowing their partner can provide them the love respect kindness and affection nothing else should really matter in my opinion,” he said.

Asian D8 is a well known dating site that has tens of thousands of British Asians joining the website each year.

Pali Banwait, the CEO of the site sees “the stigma of being on an online dating site as now a thing of the past.

Online dating has led to many successful happy marriages, and the same can be said for arranged marriages. You might think, is an arranged marriage even remotely similar to online dating? You fill out your profile – your personality type, interests, beliefs and education.

Then the website pairs you up with people based on common interests.

Parents are parents, and they ultimately want their kids to meet people who will make their kids happy.

Ratna Akam, 52, whose daughter is a member of an Asian matrimony site, said: “As an Indian mother, I wouldn’t encourage my kids to go for [these kind of] sites to find a partner. Apart from Western influence, kids are going abroad for further studies and jobs, which gives them opportunities to find their partners.

This tradition of arranged marriages still follows in Indian families. “I feel there are better ways to find partners than going through the sites as we hear a lot about fraudulent cases, i.e.

There is no reason to believe that one’s selection of who they have to spend their time or life with is limited to their parent’s (or even their own) social circle.

“We see us as enablers for giving every young adult an opportunity, out of many, to explore, experience and decide, who to be with, for themselves.

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