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A lot of people believe that pornography and masturbation are helpful in preventing a person from having sex.However, having sex is not just about the act, but it is about the frame of mind.There are a lot of emotions and spiritual struggles that come from having had sex outside of marriage.

Sin is very tempting, and it does not always come with warning or stop signs. Man is known for falling into sin, especially when there is an overconfidence in the self.

Christian teens need to keep their eyes on God and allow God to help set boundaries so they can resist the temptation.

The Bible is full of helpful advice when it comes to coping with temptation, and it can be a useful tool.

Here are the top 10 lies Christian teens tell themselves when it comes to answering the question, "How far is too far? It takes a stronger person, or a person backed up by the strength of God, to resist temptation.

In a world where sex is seen in every medium and condoms are being handed out in schools, what is a Christian teen to do when confronted with conflicting advice about what constitutes a sexual activity or abstinence? Doing something just because everyone else is doing it is just giving into peer pressure.

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