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Earlier this year, the UN and the Arab League issued a joint statement in support of the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, saying the two-state solution is 'the only way to achieve comprehensive and just settlement to the Palestinian cause'.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been promoting the idea that his country's ties with Arab nations are improving, and some experts have said there are signs that shared concerns over Iran are indeed nudging them closer.

Write a love letter to your significant other with clues to a secret getaway location for sharing a passionate make-out, or take a trip to 'Cloud 9' for a fun first date. Details »The Latin dating scene is heating up the web at, the hottest online dating website for Latin singles.Eight of the countries also ban entry to people with evidence of travel to Israel or whose passports have used or unused Israeli visas.Tzion said that he never tries to 'create any issues in any country' and that he travels as a 'private individual'.'When I am going to a holy site, I go there with respect, with dignity and love toward people,' he told The Times of Israel.The law does not apply to people who have dual nationality. Welcome".'The Russian-born Jew acquired Israeli citizenship in 2014 when he decided to move to the country.'No one in the Arab world ever approached me with hostility,' Tzion told The Times of Israel. He said he used a valid passport and necessary visas to enter the holy sites legally, though would not specify which passport he used to travel.

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