Buckeey dating lil scrappy

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, when asked how she felt about Buckeey: Ouch.

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But after leaving that drama, she was able to get her mind and body all the way together and now lives in Miami.

Lil’ Scrappy has been keeping things interesting this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with his lady drama, but before there was Bambi and Erica P there was another lady in Scrappy’s life, his bestie turned lover Shay Johnson. I’m not telling Momma Dee, ’Hey, don’t like this person or that person.’ She loves who she loves. Tune into Love & Hip Hop Atlanta every Monday at 8 PM ET/PT to find out.

We caught up with the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star about Scrappy’s new ladies and getting in good with Momma Dee and we think she alluded to maybe making a pop up this season. She happens to have an unconditional love for me because I’m genuine.

Scrappy told Erica he was leaving her due to her inability to show “affection,” but our sources in Atlanta told us weeks ago he really broke up with Erica because he had been smashing Buckeey for weeks behind Erica’s back.

These same sources also revealed to us that Joseline got an abortion weeks before the third episode, and most recently shared that Stevie J. But nothing beats having a source than getting juice straight from the mouths of those involved.

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