Calcutta dating

The pillared verandah in a precarious state was consolidated.

After living in Macedonia for eighteen years she moved to Ireland and then to India, where she lived for most of her life.No authentic account of the origin of this building can be found but it was probably a Dutch or Portuguese factory....Sometime after the battle of Plassey, Lord Clive made the building his country house altering the lower storey so as to destroy its character as a defence position and building a fine upper storey; the grounds were also laid out with great expense and taste in the prevailing formal Dutch style.... It is the site of Calcutta’s (now Kolkata) international airport, and it is where a particularly nasty form of bullet was invented in the local ordinance factory.(This expanding bullet was banned from warfare by a convention signed at The Hague in 1899.) But, according to the British civil servant Lewis O’Malley, writing in 1911, “the name Dum Dum is a corruption of Damdama, meaning a raised mound or battery. Sterndale, writing in 1891, that “Dum Dum House is a building of some historic interest.

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