Casting calls for reality dating shows

I figured that even if I was nervous and panicky on the inside, at least I would resemble past contestants on the outside.

If you want to go to a doesn’t want the kind of girl who gets nervous and shouts a string of nonsensical words at a camera, then they don’t want me.

(Though to be fair, they probably just want someone who makes for good TV.)I wouldn’t change a thing about my audition experience: It was fun, eye-opening, and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

(Plus, Lindsey and I went out for chips and queso afterward, and you can never regret anything that ends in queso.) If you’re at all interested in being on On the plus side, the experience was incredibly laid back.

Then another line to do a five-minute on-camera interview, where producers asked each hopeful a couple of questions from the application form. Before long, I stumbled upon two women clad in cocktail dresses, and they kindly directed me to the appropriate entrance.

All of the waiting and ruminating and build-up led to me falling to shambles on camera. I headed up the stairs, hopped in a surprisingly short line, and signed into the auditions.

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