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Sarah denied anything more had gone on, telling Paul in response: 'We haven't done the deed- we wouldn't do that on TV, I'm paranoid my mum's watching.'We were kissing.

I can't believe people have been saying that, how are they twisting that? 'She then crudely added: 'We've had a grope, he has a semi every morning, let alone with me giving it a rub!

'The steamy encounter was subsequently investigated by Ofcom, following a series of complaints from viewers of the Channel 5 show.

An Ofcom spokesperson told Mail Online: 'We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate.'It's understood that Channel 5 producers heavily edited the provocative exchange between Sarah and Chad, whose budding romance has been a key theme during the current series of Celebrity Big Brother.

I don't want to make a fool out of anybody.'She added: 'You're single and I've only been dating for four weeks, but I don't want to hurt someone who is a good person - they don't deserve to be hurt.'I need to respect other people on the outside and take responsibility for my actions.' Despite her concern, things continued to heat up between the pair, prompting Chad to finally ask the ex pop star if she wanted to become an official item.

During Friday night's live final, Sarah was crowned the winner of the series, beating the likes of Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson who finished in second and third place respectively and bagging the show's £50k prize for her chosen charity.

What people don't realise is when you're in the house it feels longer. The US hunk said it 'hurt' to think that people thought they were faking their feelings for each other.

He became my best friend and my rock, and every day is like a month so it felt like a longer time and I had to make a difficult decision.'After what we went through it couldn't compare to what I had on the outside briefly, we'd been through the mill together.' she said of her previous relationship.'We're going to see what happens but I would like to see a future with him,' she added of Chad, before Emma joked 'It's Friday.. Fans had vented their frustration at the new found couple on Twitter and commenting on the nature of Chad and Sarah's relationship, they penned: 'Sarah and Chad are making it so obvious it's a showmance when everything they do can be seen by everyone!

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villain Chad Johnson is among the famous faces who will be joining the cast! in 2017, Johnson will live in a downtown Los Angeles loft with seven fellow celebrities where they will be be pushed to their limits and participate in exercises and challenges all in the name of romance. The seven celebrities will be joined by returning coaches Dr.

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