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And this wasn’t “cast.” I don’t have a better word for it, really, because in the TV world, there’s not a new term that validates this particular experience.

But the four of us looked at production and said, “If we don’t find compatible matches, were not doing it.

Social Common Live’s season premiere is all about hating husbands and the struggle with weight loss.

The first episode of our new series features relationship therapist Dr.

We’re not putting people together for the sake of a TV show.” Were the initial applicants culled entirely from a cryptic casting call, or did you also scour dating sites?

We’re going to get the people who are desperate to be on TV.We don’t know what we look for anymore, the grass is always greener, we jump at the first obstacle because we don’t necessarily want to put the work on.This isn’t right for everyone, because it certainly isn’t, but if we say automatically we’re not going to do something, then we lose the possibility of something really special.Even more loons will likely be applying now that the show has been out there.How are you going to keep the show true to its mission?

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