Children and dating relationships

Abusers typically play into this by putting the mother down in front of her children and telling them that their mother is “crazy” or “stupid” and that they do not have to listen to her.Seeing their mothers treated with enormous disrespect, teaches children that they can disrespect women the way their fathers do.They are always worried for themselves, their mother, and their siblings. Children who grow up with abuse are expected to keep the family secret, sometimes not even talking to each other about the abuse.Children from abusive homes can look fine to the outside world, but inside they are in terrible pain. They may blame themselves for the abuse thinking if they had not done or said a particular thing, the abuse would not have occurred.It is also the number one reason children run away.Help Is Available If you or someone you know needs child witness to violence information or resources, you may want to contact one or more of the following programs: AWAKE (Advocacy for Women and Kids in Emergency) Children's Hospital 300 Longwood Avenue Gardner House 812 Boston, MA 617-355-4760 The Child Witness to Violence Project Boston Medical Center One Boston Medical Center place Boston, MA 617-414-4244 The Children's Charter 77 Rumford Avenue Waltham, MA 781-894-4307 The Children's Charter Website Wayside Youth and Family Support Network Child Violence Intervention Project 88 Lincoln Street Framingham, MA 01701 Contact: Jack Hagenbuch 508-620-0010 ext.They may also become angry at their siblings or their mother for triggering the abuse.

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Finally children may be AWARE of the tension in the home such as their mother’s fearfulness when the abuser’s car pulls into the driveway.Witnessing can mean SEEING actual incidents of physical/and or sexual abuse.It can mean HEARING threats or fighting noises from another room.Because mom is struggling to survive, she is often not present for her children.Because dad is so consumed with controlling everyone, he also is not present for his children.

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