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The city is also home to some of the Middle East region's most prestigious shopping malls, boutiques and department stores that house retailers of haute couture, hi-tech electronics, home furnishings and accessories or traditional Arabic crafts.Dubai is famous for offering top international brands at unbelievably reasonable prices.Deira's many attractions include the historic quarter of Bastakia, as well as old souks and covered marketplaces.Wandering along the alleys, you can explore the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk.The Gold Souk area in Deira has glittering street-front stores and hides dozens of alleys housing smaller shops.

The city is one of the largest retail gold markets in the world, selling everything from ingots to intricately hand crafted jewellery, and bargaining is welcomed almost everywhere.While the actual dates of many important events are timed to match the season, the Lunar calendar and the holy month of Ramadan change from year to year.The chart below provides a guideline to the city's many events: Dubai is an exciting year round destination that offers unlimited opportunities for rest and recreation, be it a walk through a lush green family park, an adventurous day in the waters of the Arabian Gulf, or a pampering session at one of the many health spas.If you drive west from the city centre, you will reach the popular suburb of Jumeirah, home to some of Dubai's finest luxury hotels and resorts, unspoilt stretches of sunny beaches and water sports complexes.In Jumeirah is the Grand Mosque, re-built in 1998, with the city's tallest minaret, nine large domes and 45 small domes - a distinguished landmark and an important place of worship.

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