Christian singles dating michigan

When tickets are involved we will have a pay by date and after that you are responsible to get your own ticket. Please use Comments for an event to ask questions about the event or comment on how the event impacted you once it is over.

All tickets purchased are "FINAL SALES" - if you are unable to attend please feel free to give your ticket away or find someone to replace you. SAFE PLACE: We want all our members to feel that they can be comfortable at our events.

We encourage everyone to join in planning and hosting events as they are led.

Some of our popular activities include barbecues, sporting events, board game nights, outdoor recreation, dining out, movie, live music events, worship, festivals, parties, dances, service projects and many more.

- To encourage patrons to place Christ in the center of our lives and become consistent, daily witnesses of their Christian faith.

- To promote unity, fellowship, and learning by offering various social activities, programs and outreaches.

- To maintain an environment where singles feel accepted, have a sense of belonging and purpose, and can grow in their walk with Christ.

Community Christian Singles is a supplemental ministry to the church, founded to provide single adults in the Mid-Michigan area with opportunities for Christian growth and fellowship.

Objectives: - To provide a ministry to singles, including never married, divorced, and widowed adults.

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