Chronically ill dating site

A young woman with multiple sclerosis told me that someone spit on her when she didn’t give up her seat to an older person on the subway.

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I have a few comments on these first two burdens—comments that I’d like to address directly to young people.When he and I realized that he could no longer keep up in his classes, I put him on a four-year program, which extended his studies by a year so that he could take a lighter class load. But soon, he lost his ability to take care of his daily needs. This meant that he not only had to miss classes, but he couldn’t get to the grocery store to buy food.It became increasingly clear that he could no longer live independently.No one is too young to suffer from an invisible disability, and Countless young people have written to me, saying that thiis is one of the most frustrating and hurtful comments they have to listen to.No matter what their diagnosis, they're continually told that they can’t possibly be in chronic pain at their age.

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