Cm punk dating history who is chris anderson dating

Inevitably causes most critics to rush to hail them as classics that were grossly misunderstood in their time, but now can be worshiped as the masterpieces they truly are.

Often-times people in general forget that they were bombs to begin with.

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From grand gestures of love to shocking acts of betrayal, the event has been a breeding ground for the unexpected, as well as the unexpectedly awesome.At the 2013 show, he launched himself across the ring and blasted Cena with a running knee, beating him in the center of the ring as clean as possible. Special referee Triple H betrayed Bryan, dropping him with a Pedigree and allowing Randy Orton to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.The cash-ins created incredible buzz at the tail end of those Summer Slam spectaculars, but they also left fans disenfranchised with the product, especially after two of their favorite Superstars had been screwed over and robbed of magical, show-ending moments.The idea that management thought the best way to build on Punk's momentum was for Del Rio to cash in on him and take the title is so incredibly flawed and illogical that it should be no great surprise that the WWE was never able to maintain the heat and excitement surrounding Punk's breakout promo and ascension to the top of the industry.Two years later, Daniel Bryan was the most popular and beloved wrestler in the industry.

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