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There is no defined line between spiritual dolls and toys.

In some cultures dolls that had been used in rituals were given to children.

*Annalee would look in the mirror and copy her facial expressions when creating the artwork for her dolls.

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The first time I entered the Doll a Day Giveaway I won a beautiful porcelain doll. This exciting new line of realistic collectible dolls are available now in limited quantities! Many people have asked how I stumbled into such a profession as doll design.*I've found an increase of requests for closed eyes and winking due to the fact that Annalee Company no longer is producing dolls with those facial expressions.My daughter loves her new baby from Paradise Galleries.There are stories from ancient Greece around 100 AD that show that dolls were used by little girls as playthings. Dolls have been found in the graves of Roman children.Like children today, the younger members of Roman civilization would have dressed their dolls according to the latest fashions.

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