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The school said that Lawson had been an employee since August 2014 and had had no previous complaints or issues.'We're certainly going yo be very proactive and aggressive on prosecuting this case and trying to determine if there are other victims or not,' Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Larry Mc Kinnon told Fox 13.A statement issued on behalf of the school confirmed that he had now resigned from his position.A spokesman for Winchester College said: “Peter Metcalfe, a history teacher at Winchester College, resigned following a complaint to the Headmaster by parents of a boy who asserted that Mr Metcalfe had deliberately stood on their son’s foot with his full weight during a history lesson.The former teacher has been charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

A police investigation has commenced and the college is working closely with the police to ascertain the facts surrounding the allegation.” Mr Metcalfe has refused to comment on the circumstances surrounding his resignation.We focus on three subject/grade combinations—middle school math, ninth-grade algebra and geometry, and ninth-grade biology—and find evidence that a teacher's basic skills test scores are modestly predictive of student achievement in middle school math and highly predictive of student achievement in high school biology.A teacher's subject-specific licensure test scores are a consistent and statistically significant predictor of student achievement only in high school biology.A university spokesman said: 'The decision to take medical leave is never entered into lightly.But the case was dropped in 2004 when the prosecution offered no evidence at the beginning of the trial.

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