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By 1995, Craig started offering his Quantum Leap System to other agents, and the rest is history.While his program has undergone many changes over the years, his basic concept of offering an extensively tested, complete turnkey system for realtors has not changed.This is a great program for guys who want a set blueprint to follow.Click Here For Instant Access To The Sexual Activation Blueprint…In fact a lot of the stuff in the program seems so simple that you might not think that it would work at first, but it’s really easy to do, because as I said it doesn’t require any outlandish behavior, or pick-up wackiness.The best part in my opinion is that SAB takes the guesswork out of the picture – you just follow the blueprint and get the predictable results.

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With a lot of dating guides it can really feel like you are just taking shots in the dark sometimes, hoping that somehow or another you are able to “get lucky”, and that is not for me.Over the next 16 years the experience gained has been invaluable!Over the last 10 years my focus with Craig's organization has been transferring my knowledge with Craig's team to thousands of our Coaching students.The whole system is available on his website, so you can just log in and get instant access rather than having to download a bunch of stuff.The core part of the program explain everything you need to know to use the SAB system, and then there are also a few other bonuses in there for you as well.

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