Crystalens hd accommodating lens

The best candidates for refractive cataract surgery with accommodating IOLs are those with hyperopia (farsightedness) and cataracts.Those without cataracts who had good vision before presbyopia set in are also excellent candidates.There are certain requirements you must meet to have RLE or refractive cataract surgery with Crystalens accommodating lenses. Typically patients who want this lens are over 45 and are experiencing presbyopia.It is also important that your vision be stable for six months prior to your surgery, and that you have no history of eye disease (other than cataracts).Are both cataracts and age-related farsightedness (presbyopia) affecting your lifestyle?If you answered yes to either of these questions, accommodating intraocular lens implants (IOLs) may be the solution you’ve been looking for.Check out the following video to learn more, or continue reading about Crystalens risks, costs and candidacy.The Crystalens Accommodating IOL is an innovative implantable lens that can kill two birds with one stone, correcting your nearsightedness, farsightedness or cataracts while also treating presbyopia to reduce your dependence on reading glasses. When your eye’s ciliary muscle contracts, the lens moves forward, increasing its magnifying power so that you can see up close (reading vision).

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The effectiveness of Crystalens was proven in clinical trials: To learn whether Crystalens is right for you, call the OMNI Eye Specialists office at 410-277-3937 to schedule an appointment, or schedule an eye exam online with an OMNI Eye Specialists professional.In addition, it is imperative that you have realistic expectations.Accommodating IOLs will not restore your near vision to where it was before you developed presbyopia.Crystalens® gives aging eyes the visual acuity of young healthy eyes, and has had an excellent success rate in patients who have had crystalens® implanted.The crystalens® implant works in much the same way as your natural lens.

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