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Note that this list only constitutes of characters that do play some kind of role in the story, but are tertiary or lesser in their appearance.

For a complete list of primary and supporting characters, please see the list of characters in Dragon Ball.

These observations suggest a genetic link between Cu isotope variation and silicate alteration assemblages formed at different temperatures, indicative of a Rayleigh precipitation process resulting in the large variation of δCu values at Dabu.

In general, samples closest to the center of hydrothermal system dominated by high-temperature potassic alteration are isotopically lighter, whereas samples dominated by low-temperature phyllic alteration peripheral to the center are isotopically heavier.

Alexi (Hejji, Hedge "Ange" ) is one of the girls Oolong kidnapped from Aru Village.

She seems to have spent the whole time exercising and calls Oolong "Snuckums".

She is referred by the name "Villager D" in this video game.

After she is returned it is said that she learned her lesson and that it is not so bad living in Aru Village.

He is referred by the name "Villager I" in Dragon Ball: Origins. After Johnny shot Oolong with a slingshot, she came out and grabbed him moving him to safety.

She is referred by the name "Villager H" in Dragon Ball: Origins.

The predicted flow pathways of hydrothermal fluids are from No. 3 exploration line, and the lightest δCu values are the most proximal to the hydrothermal source.

Finally, we propose that the northwest side of the No.

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