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So Mara travels to Jomark, and she and Luke defeat C'boath just as he tries to kill them for taking Luke away from the training, which Luke and Mara both know is psychologically compromised due to C'boath's insanity.

The two of them infiltrate Thrawn's Empire and save Karrde.

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They manage to escape, and Han and Lando are saved by a third party, which takes them to an unknown location where they meet the legendary General Garm Bel Iblis, one of the initial members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.In the book, Mara Jade mentions Darth Vader losing his right hand at the hands of Palpatine after his failure at the Battle of Yavin.Ten years later, the prequel trilogy would establish that he originally lost his hand in a duel with Count Dooku in 22 BBY.But most dangerous of all is a new Dark Jedi, risen from the ashes of a shrouded past, consumed by bitterness…and thoroughly, utterly insane.Now he schemes to use his awesome mastery of the Force to summon young Skywalker, allay his misgivings, cunningly enthrall him, and ultimately corrupt him to the Dark Side.

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