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Both Marine Recon and Marine Raiders go through a similar training pipeline, but their differences may surprise you.

In many ways, these badasses are similar, but here are three key differences between the two elite units.

More advanced training focuses on a platoon's likely missions while deployed, so Battalion and Force RECON Marines basically differ only in who their boss is - either the Battalion Commander or the Task Force Commander.

Initial training consists of Marine Recruit Training, & the School of Infantry, training as a rifleman.

Usually it's attitude and teamwork that gets you rejected at this phase of INDOC. and I've actually been trying to do 100 sit ups and I've been getting it around 3 minutes. The Marine Corps PFT is 100 crunches in 2 minutes for a perfect score.

Once selected, the Marines are assigned Recon Indoctrination Platoon. The Marines have only supervised liberty, physical training and classes at all time of the day and night. And so I've been wanting to know this for some time but what's the attrition rate of Recon training? You can also be in a Recon BN and not be Recon at all.

The Marine Raiders were established during World War II for special operations, but were disbanded after the war came to a close.

Soon after, the Korean War kicked off and decision-makers said “oh sh*t” to themselves as realized they needed to create another elite unit to continue kicking ass.

The type of a attitude that says "give me your best f***** shot, because I'll f*** you up twice as hard if you try." It is a no-quitting state of mind, the type of mentality that only true warriors can hope to posses. The more you sweat in peace time - the less you bleed in war. And so I've been wanting to know this for some time but what's the attrition rate of Recon training?

The archetypical Summer Blockbuster with a large cast of familiar character types, Stuff Blowing Up, fighter jets dogfighting alien craft, Rousing Speeches, Area 51 and is otherwise fairly by-the-book storywise.

President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) is the recently elected U. President when a (one-fourth the size of the moon) spaceship enters the orbit of Earth. Marine pilot Steven Hiller (Will Smith) and computer programmer David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) pulling together a plan to save the human race.

Every job in the military has a different MOS, or military occupation specialty, designation.

Marine Raiders have use MOS 0372 while Recon uses the designation of 0321.

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