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The archetypical Summer Blockbuster with a large cast of familiar character types, Stuff Blowing Up, fighter jets dogfighting alien craft, Rousing Speeches, Area 51 and is otherwise fairly by-the-book storywise.President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) is the recently elected U. President when a (one-fourth the size of the moon) spaceship enters the orbit of Earth. Marine pilot Steven Hiller (Will Smith) and computer programmer David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) pulling together a plan to save the human race.So far, at least three female Marines have contacted Marine Corps Special Operations Command recruiters to see if they have what it takes to become a Raider, according to MARSOC officials. "With clearly articulated and codified standards, MARSOC will enhance its ability to screen and select the best and most fully qualified Marines to become critical skills operators and special operations officers, increasing the overall combat readiness of our force." If they meet qualifications, Marines applying to become Raiders must first undergo the rigorous initial three-week preparatory and orientation course, where candidates are indoctrinated in the world of critical skills operators.

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Marines from the special operations community have been kicking ass and taking names for years.

Marine Raiders support their governments’ internal security, counter subversion, and reduce violent risks from internal and external threats against the U. Check out Nick Koumalatsos‘ video below for a detailed summary of these key differences.

The RECON Marines There are two types of RECON Marine : "Battalion" & "Force" RECON The training paths for Marines in both RECON units are similar.

Students are then assigned to the Basic Recon Course.

Upon successful completion of the BRC, Marines report to their assigned recon unit & receive various professional, technical and tactical training.

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