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But his name doesn't appear on the list of "Members & Speakers".

Let's look at the "Topics" page at's a publicity photo of Niels Stolberg.

The next page is "Questions" at

Over 25 million accounts associated with forums hosted by Russian internet giant have been stolen by hackers.

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If Biz Summits really held any meetings then a photo like this would be trivial to take. Incidentally this page contains what I consider to be a flat lie: The evidence I have provided about this firm shows that they simply scraped your name from your company website and guessed your email address.

The databases were stolen in early August, according to breach notification site Leaked, which obtained a copy of the databases.

The hackers' names aren't known, but they used known SQL injection vulnerabilities found in older v Bulletin forum software to get access to the databases.

All Group's forums and games have been using a secure integrated authorization system for a long time by now," said the spokesperson.

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