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The area also provided more professional opportunities in public relations, which I studied at the University of Florida.In the years after my divorce, I took a passive approach to dating.I met his mother and his daughter, and we are now discussing marriage with premarital counselling scheduled.I did not find this simplicity in my previous relationships, where there was inconsistent communication.I found it easy to justify placing dating on the back burner.Besides, with my “husband list” saved in my i Phone — it included things like “spiritual, loves kids, financially stable (education), confident, respectful and healthy” — the Southern girl in me (still) believed that I’d recognize “the one” upon meeting him.He has always been transparent regarding his intentions.

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A misconception I had in dating a man with less formal education was that he would be less financially stable. In addition to working in security, he also owns a small business in Maryland.

Being open to dating mixed-collar doesn’t equate to settling.

Core values are non-negotiable, and I share those with Greg.

We’ve now been dating for six months, and the same lightheartedness and ease transcends all aspects of our relationship, while previous ones at times seemed more competitive than compassionate.

It wasn’t just the pickup that was atypical — this security guy was also not my typical love interest.

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