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Patti says her years of experience have taught her one thing—millions of women have missed the mark when it comes to love.

"Somewhere along the line, and I'm really not sure [when], we lost our common sense," she says. You walk in, you sit down, and maybe he's average looking.

" Then, she asks Rich and Dan who they're rooting for in the Super Bowl and if they've ever been to a tapas restaurant.

Allison may think her dates don't notice..she's wrong. Sometimes what happens when we spend a lot of time alone, we forget to let them open the damn pickle jar," Patti says.

"We are clearly the most decisive creatures on the planet, women," she says.

"It was almost like going on 150 job interviews," she says.

It's like delusional." Brenda says she goes to the same bars as her 21-year-old daughter because she's alone, but Patti sees it differently.

"It's because you do that you are alone," she says. "So you get the men that offer the same thing in return."Brenda says Patti's impressions were very hard to hear. "And I was embarrassed." During Brenda's matchmaking session, she says one observation really hit a nerve.

"[Don't ask] anything that's none of our business," she says. "It's not always about that." On Confessions of a Matchmaker, cameras capture Patti in action as she offers advice to Brenda, a 46-year-old single woman who loves to party.

Get more of Patti's dating tips and conversation dos and don'ts.tuszqcexswfqrvtaub Another of Patti's golden rules is to never discuss politics or religion with someone you hardly know. "Eventually you do—you just don't on the first date." First impressions are also important..don't judge your date too quickly. To help Brenda find a love match, Patti doesn't hold back.

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