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Does a DOT medical card have to be obtained in the same state as the CDL is from?

I have a CDL and have been notified to present DMV with a medical certificate or I will lose my driving privileges. Do I need to get a DOT physical just to maintain my license? What is a waiver or exemption and how can I get one? My medical certificate only expires in nine months.

You will have to check with your State Drivers License Agency (DMV) to see if they permit this option.

This will give you a way to maintain your CDL without a current medical card.

Drivers are required to complete a daily signed logbook and a trip inspection report containing day to day activities including hours of sleep, driving, on duty, off-duty, total mils/kms driving, date, truck or tractor and trailer number, carrier name, and co-driver name if there is a one.

The terms driving, on duty, off duty, & sleeping are used to define driver day to day activity.In order to keep your CDL, some states will allow a CDL holder to certify in a category that does not require a medical certificate e.g.Intrastate Excepted, if they are not currently driving.So your company may request to have a drug screen done at the same time as you take your DOT physical.Not all medical examiner’s offices that conduct DOT physicals have a drug testing service. Just look on your medical card and find the examiner’s phone number. They may charge you a few bucks for the service, but it’s cheaper than a new examination.

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