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A question some people want answered is wether or not girl gamers prefer to date gamers.

Share pics with your friends easily.💕 Dating Join our dating game to explore thousands of profiles from your place and worldwide.👹 Characters Discover all customization features for your character.Remember, any pet needs care and attention.🎮 Games Play Cannons & Barrels, Mafia and other popular games in Galaxy.So many Galaxy users love our gaming activities.❌ Ad free Don't be annoyed with ad banners.And does this obsession also excist inside our community? Would you be fine either way, but secretly think to yourself that it would be a bonus if they were gamers too? The girls even added an answer: It’s not important if my partner is a gamer too, as long as they accept my gaming lifestyle. For a whopping 91,2 per cent of the girls it doesn’t really matter if they date gamers.Since the girls in our community did an excellent job on answering our last poll ‘Do girls prefer to play with female characters? This time we asked the girls: ‘How important is it to you that your (future) partner is also a gamer? One girl even answered with an endearing ‘ I wish..’ that made our hearts melt. Just for her, a speed date for gamers doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. So are you ready to hear the verdict on the question: Dating gamers, yae or nay? Even tho it would be nice to share a hobby or at least have someone who accepts you and how you decide to spend your time.

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