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It also has wingtip launch rails for short-range AAMs.

Compared to the Mi G-29 the Mi G-29 OVT has increased range of more than 2,100 kilometres, improved avionics, vast improvements in weapon systems, HOTAS systems, wide range of weapons of air to air and air to ground, as well as a variety of defensive and offensive avionics suite.

The “all-axis nozzles dramatically increase manoeuvrability, especially at low and zero speed,” Vladimir Barkovsky, chief of Mi G’s design bureau told reporters.

The demonstration of the new engine, known as the RD 33, was the culmination of several years’ work.

At the Moscow MAKS airshow in 2001, RSK Mi G unveiled a demonstrator with vectored-thrust nozzles.

This aircraft, a modification of the sixth Mi G-29M prototype, is designated the Mi G-29OVT (Otklanyayemi Vektor Tyagi / Deflected Thrust Vector)”, and its RD-33 engines are to fitted with Klimov-designed nozzles that can rotate up to 15 degrees in any direction.

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The aircraft uses the same airframe of the Mi G-29M1.

The humor is rich, with winks at classic cinema like "Taxi Driver", "Apollo XIII", and others.

The Bank of Evil is staffed by former Lehman brothers execs, and recurring motifs and jokes create a comic continuity that is sustained through the credits.

The machine behind "Despicable Me" takes the wacky bits from old school cartoons and applies 21st century animation technology to produce a hip and well articulated masterpiece.

From start to finish, the film was absolutely captivating and sophisticated with an engaging narrative and imaginative characters.

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