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The “all-axis nozzles dramatically increase manoeuvrability, especially at low and zero speed,” Vladimir Barkovsky, chief of Mi G’s design bureau told reporters.The demonstration of the new engine, known as the RD 33, was the culmination of several years’ work.

From start to finish, the film was absolutely captivating and sophisticated with an engaging narrative and imaginative characters.

The fighter is more agile and has an increase in range to 1,329 statute miles (2,139 km).

With improved avionics, vast improvements in weapon systems, HOTAS systems, wide range of weapons of air to air and air to ground, as well as a variety of defensive and offensive avionics suite.

Carell's crazy villainy was perfectly tuned, as was Julie Andrews whose new voice adds a delightful note as the Despicable mother.

The juvenile vocals brought both sass and sweetness to the story, and Kristen Whiig was smarmy in a distinctly southern way.

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