Dating people hep c

Rebecca Khan, of the National Blood Service, says: ‘In North London, collection of blood from prisons continued until the early Seventies, and for more than a decade later in other parts of the country.’ There were ten times more cases of hepatitis in patients who had received blood transfusions from paid-for donations, which included prisoners, than in patients who received transfusions from volunteer-donated blood.In 1995 the Department of Health initiated a ‘lookback’ programme to trace the recipients of blood that may have been infected with hep C or HIV from the contaminated blood.But obtaining blood from prisons was commonplace in Britain too.The first British blood bank was established in Ipswich in 1937 and demand soon outstripped supply via donation from the public, so donation started to be taken from a captive population – British inmates, who were not paid.Blood was taken, the plasma – the component of blood integral to clotting which haemophiliacs lack – extracted, pooled, and then sent to Britain where it was used in a self-injected treatment called cryoprecipitate.

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