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An embroidered panel of fabric sewn as a reference or as a demonstration of a range of different stitches.

By the 18th C most samplers were sewn by young children, following patterns from books.

As a reward for their cooperation, the women received the dresses in which they were painted.

Stieler painted 36 women from 1827-1842; their portraits are still on view at the Schloss Nurenberg.

They typically incorporate letters, numbers, a short poem or motto, the name and age of the child and the date.

Salt cellars are often gilded or have a glass liner to prevent corrosion by damp salt.

Chinese term meaning ‘three colour’, used to describe an effect created on ceramics by using three mineral colours in a glaze, usually yellow, green and brown (sometimes dubbed ‘egg-and-spinach’).

Instrument for measuring time, consisting of two bulbous glass chambers connected by a narrow channel.

The mihrabs on many safs are small and close together suggesting they were not used as prayer rugs but as decorative wall-hangings.

A fireclay vessel used to hold and protect objects during firing.

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