Dating royal crown derby paperweights

An embroidered panel of fabric sewn as a reference or as a demonstration of a range of different stitches.

Curved 18th-19th C cavalry sword with a single cutting edge, designed for slashing.See: Collecting Salt Glazed Stoneware Plate or tray, usually of silver or silver-gilt, used for the formal offering of food, drink, letters or visiting cards.Large, heavy, oblong or oval silver salvers evolved into what we know as trays in the 18th C. Glass salvers, popular in Britain from the 18th C, usually have a central stem like a tazza.General term for any container used for table salt, ranging from the large, ceremonial standing salt of the 14th to 16th centuries to the more common salt cellar (a shallow, open bowl) and salt caster (similarly shaped to a sugar caster but smaller).Salt cellars are often gilded or have a glass liner to prevent corrosion by damp salt.

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