Dating selfish lover

However, if being selfish is a constant occurrence in your relationship, it’s probably time to take notice and make a decision.

There must be a state of equivalence that assures harmony in our loving relationships. Srini Pillay, author of Debunking Myths of the Mind, wrote an article for Psychology Today stating that “Selfish lovers are often hiding something they are very ashamed of as well.

Some studies even show that men and women who put themselves at risk to help someone else they do not even know are better lovers – in and out of the bedroom.

Unfortunately, unless something so obvious happens like someone refusing to share his dinner or her popcorn at the movies, or if you’re really good at noticing odd things about others, selfishness in another person is a difficult trait to identify early on in the relationship – before you fall in love with the person.

He/she thinks its okay to manipulate and exploit and even take advantage of others to achieve one’s own ends.10.

He/she lacks empathy and makes no apologies about it.

If you find yourself giving and never receiving this is the imbalance of a selfish relationship.

Psychologist Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, writes: “Self-absorption in all its forms kills empathy, let alone compassion.

May be you have an ex who you still have very strong feelings for but you just can’t bring yourself to go back into the relationship because you feel your ex is self – centered and you just can’t get out of your mind those times he/she acted selfishly -in or out of the bedroom?He/she only relates to how things affect him/her personally and has no ability to see or relate to how life (and the world) is interconnected.3.He/she doesn’t consider the impact of his/her actions on others (you included).When you point out how his/her words/actions are “hurting” you, he/she just can’t make the link between his/her words/actions and how you feel.4.He/she wants you to listen, give emotional support and even worry about how he/she is feeling but never takes time to listen to how you feel — or even thinks how you feel is not important.

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