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Herren I/Bezirksklasse 1: Polizei SV Haar – TC Penzberg 0:6 Das Gastspiel beim Tabellenletzten in Haar war für unsere Herren I die erwartet klare Angelegenheit.

Lars Veldheer (6:1 6:0), Peter Baumeister (6:1 6:4), Christian Deger (6:1 6:2) und Andreas Reitmeier (6:4 6:2) ließen ihren Gegnern keine Chance.

In 2001 T-System's headquarters were moved from Bonn to Frankfurt.

In 2002 the remaining 49.9% share of debis Systemhaus was acquired and fully incorporated into T-Systems.

However, the company underwent a leadership crisis during the first years after its creation, due to different agendas of the former debis management and the leadership of the former Telekom subsidiaries.

In 2009, T-Systems came with another wing in India (T-Systems ICT India Pvt. T-Systems ICT India has its head office in Pune and have set up another 'Point of Production' in Bangalore in April 2016 and is expanding to provide its ICT services also to global customers of T-Systems International. 2016, Laszlo Posset is the Managing Director of T-Systems ICT India.

T-Systems has different International Subsidiaries such as T-Systems MMS, T-Systems Belgium NV, T-Systems Nordic TC A/S, TSI Finnland, T-Systems France SAS, T-Systems Information and Communication Technology E. A (Spain), T-Systems Telekomünikasyon Limited Sirketi (Turkey), T-Systems México S. T-Systems is a German global IT services and consulting company headquartered in Frankfurt.Founded in 2000, it is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.Quelles différences et points communs entre les français et leurs homologues étrangers ?Comment perçoivent-ils les réseaux sociaux et leur impact par rapport aux journalistes des autres pays ? ” Eléments de réponses lors du direct Orange des Sommets du Digital 2018 avec Julien Carlier (Social Dynamite), Fréderic Dumas (Cision France) et Gregory Pouy de La Mercatique.

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