Dating spouse

If your mood is bringing you down, it will bring others down too.

Unless you are fairly content with your life, you are not ready to date.

Sure, it can be dispiriting to have a series of coffee dates with guys or gals who just aren't right for you.

But try to use these occasions simply to learn about someone else's world and life. Perfect." If you've got a long list of sterling qualities, characteristics and lifestyle criteria, you are going to have a tough time finding anyone who's good enough for you. And remember to stay positive: If you want to find a new partner and you're willing to work at it, you definitely will!

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The world’s reaction to this news was fairly predictable: She was judged and slut-shamed on Facebook in crude language. It’s a topic complicated enough that it is even discussed on dating sites.

Since most of us can't see ourselves objectively, it's a great idea to have a close friend take a good look at you and offer some advice. "I'm ready to have a good time." Most people in our age group are looking for someone with energy, optimism and warmth.

If you are feeling unhappy, you won't be able to provide any of these.

Go see a counselor if you need to, but be ready to face dating with a smile and an upbeat attitude. "I don't expect instant success." Dating is usually a protracted search for the right person that is filled with plenty of ups and downs.

Sure, some people meet "the one" right away, but most don't.

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