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If you have ovaries, though, and choose not to use them, you’re a freak.I married at 40, to a wonderful man ten years older. AM Re: For Professional woman approaching and over 40 radiator Regular Contributor radiator I assume this post was directed at me….If Maureen Dowd has her issues with why she isn’t married, then they aren’t necessarily mine.Most don’t need the aggravation and have chosen women more suitable for them, if they elect to get married. Don’t be angry that your options are limited or that men don’t wish to be with you for any length of time.She eliminated herself, as most women in her position do. It is their choice to ultimately anyway to move on and not be with you. You may find solace for a short time with a younger man, but you are only a play toy for him to practice on as he will see no future with you.The airline has reported the matter to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).The incident took place when the Commander of the plane, which was flying 324 passengers and 14 crew members, is reported to have slapped the woman co-pilot mid-air following which she left the cockpit.

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Being independent is a good thing but having/raising children is supposed to be an act of selflessness with the primary focus being the children to afford them the best chance of success and survival when they reach adulthood. She now complains that these men who rejected her are either: 1) Gay, 2) intimidated by her, or 3) some other unsupported statement. She is angry that the eligible men have chosen to pass her by.However, it was "quickly resolved amicably" and the flight continued its journey to Mumbai and landed safely.Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – For Professional woman approaching and over 40 For Professional woman approaching and over 40 moneyneversleep Regular Contributor moneyneversleep Here are the actual options for you to have children: 1. If you are at a University you are likely not tenured and not making very much of an income.If, as a man, you wish to have a relationship that sustains don’t marry a career woman.Sure, f&ck them and play with them, but don’t have a serious relationship. Typically, there is no future with a career woman if you actually wish to have a family and not raise latchkey children.

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