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itself, and you need to consult documentation from those modules.All options must have the same NAME (in this example, "payment").At Cinema Con, Fox chairman Jim Gianopulos told the crowd, “This will forever change the face of animation”, revealing the first image of a CGI Charlie Brown- the iconic cartoon character.It seems like “good” CGI, or at least audiences perceptions of good CGI, is in decline over the past few years. Let’s take a closer look at the state of VFX industry in the following post. The CG Supervisor for that movie had this to say: “Viewers will hardly notice the 45 minutes of CGI in the film.” Really?Sure, you have amazing anomalies like Gravity or Interstellar, but on a whole, CGI quality is trending downward. Jurassic Park is a great example of complimentary CGI.

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