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Her most famous, Selby, opposite Charlize Theron in Monster was a brilliant portrayal, even if it took a backseat to Theron’s main character.Both actresses made dramatic physical transformations for the role of these lovers and Ricci gets a little bummed when she’s not recognized for that, although she knew that it was Theron’s passion project going in.BACK in the 90s Christina Ricci was no stranger to supernatural co-stars but our favourite is cheeky chappy Casper the friendly ghost.

We called up Sawa to discuss Sean’s miraculous recovery, what drew him back to the world of ], I never knew it would be as cool and as big as it would be. But I guess it kind of fizzled away over the years, [so] James and I connected via Twitter. I think he’s a punk without listening to punk music.

Not that this matters in a film with migraine-inducing race sequences and…

'Rae (Ricci) ditches her military boyfriend (Timberlake) for her drug dealer (David Banner) and a drunken spree until Lazarus (Jackson) tries to save her from herself using a guitar, three chords and the truth.

Quasi-mainstream comedy from Waters about a Baltimore sandwich shop assistant (Furlong) who becomes a star of the NYC art world when his grimy photographs of friends and family become unexpectedly hip – to the distress of his girlfriend (Ricci) and mother (Place).

Everyone's favourite friendly ghost has been living with his three bad-tempered uncles in an abandoned mansion.

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