Difference between domestic dating violence

Widely considered the least serious of California’s three domestic abuse penal codes, a conviction for 243a pc can be obtained even if the defendant did not physically injure the victim.If an injury does occur, the state may pursue additional PC violations against the defendant including PC 243 (d) and PC 273.5, both of which can result in more serious penalties.

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The following are defense strategies commonly used by those facing penal code 243(e)(1) charges: Wrongfully Accused Every case is different.

Perhaps key evidence against the accused was obtained illegally.

A number of legal defenses might derail the prosecution before the case ever gets to trial. Did the accuser make false accusations in the past?

If you were to push your intimate partner, your forceful action could be considered spousal battery.

Several different types of relationships can constitute an intimate partner including: Establishing that an action you took was performed upon your intimate partner is determined based upon whether or not you made contact with your intimate partner’s body, clothing, or something that was connected to him or her in some way.

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