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While many dancers only do Salsa or Samba, or restrict themselves to one or two Latin dance styles, there is no reason to limit yourself to just a few genres of Latin dance.

The International Dance Sport Federation, hosts international dance competitions that are exhilarating to watch -- and if you get good enough at your favorite shake, shimmy, and seduce choreography, you might want to compete. You may find that, as soon as you master a style of Latin dancing, you can't stop at just one.

(Either designers love the sound of the word Aztec or they’re afraid to call anything Navajo after the Urban Outfitters fiasco. See Resources.) Guatemalan Fabric: I’m no expert in textiles of indigenous peoples, but I am an artist, so I can pick up the “feel” of a pattern fairly quickly.

And, I think the designs found on the handwoven fabrics of Guatemala (Andean textiles) would be closer to Aztec style, because Guatemalan patterns often have a rounder design as seen in Aztec patterns.

Sample the Latin dances most often learned and performed.

Whether watching a dance show on television or attending a social dance workshop, you're bound to run into some of these Latin styles.

You can find all kinds of tribal print clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

But, there is more than one kind of ethnic tribal fashion. The most important thing to know about tribal fashion is that you can mix and match different types of ethnic prints and accessories.

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Dancers move side to side in a four-beat pattern: three steps to the side followed by a pause, which forms the essence of the Bachata as dancers incorporate pronounced hip movements.Designers get inspiration from indigenous people from Africa, Asia, the Southwest, and more. You say you missed the tribal trend the first time around because you lived in Ohio during the 70s. In fact, it’s better if you do because you want a global boho feel.Here are some of the different types of tribal prints and patterns. Okay, lots of politically correct people seem to take offense when fashion writers use the word "tribal." And, I understand where they are coming from, however I don’t believe that the word always has a negative connotation. Different Types of Tribal Fashion If you are a Baby Boomer woman, you may be familiar with many of the indigenous styles from around the world. Lots of these trendy types of clothing and jewelry were worn back when we were hippies… And, once you develop a good mix-and-match eye for prints, you will be mixing tribal with animal prints, Baroque boho glam, and digital-print tops and dresses.Modern Chinese silk embroidery still prevails in southern China.I wore my hair in box braids from late summer into fall of last year and after taking them out and giving my fro some love, I’m ready to get the braids again. I want to give my hair some time to grow and I’m not in the mood to always mess with it every morning!

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