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i have tried so hard to contact a company called dating direct.i have tried to get in touch with them because i do not know how many times they have taken my subscription.It's pretty astonishing that anyone could mistake us for Dating Direct, given that the article is so clearly critical of Dating Direct, and looks nothing like a dating website at all, but it may mean that for everyone who contacts us, there are many more who would to contact Dating Direct to complain about this. UK law requires that anyone trading online provide a contact address and phone number.

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hi i have been a memeber on DD for nearly a year, but without success...i decided to cancel my membership last month and rec;d the confo email etc, but then noticed that i had been debited with 24.99 this/ I too am having problems with DD I cannot now access the site having signed up as a premier member.For your information, their contact details are as follows: DATING DIRECT.COM LIMITED 27 OLD GLOUCESTER STREET LONDON WC1N 3XX My contact details:- ***** My previous address at which I registered with them (I moved on 2nd July): ***** I look forward to hearing from you, Yours faithfully, Sophie ****** hi there, i have been reading chris`s e mails on dating direct.I received a e mail from them offering 3 days i signed up ,no free 3 days.So i presume they are offering 3 days free as part of the free subscription which is always on site and open to anyone.(can they offer something like that). Just wondering if u had a e mail address or tel no (I think for Darren).

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